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March 9, 2019

Topics: Montreal initiative to ban oil furnaces -- a proposition not well thought out; The city is using heavy equipment to break the ice over the street drains -- is all that banging going to damage our house; Which is better to fix a main drain pipe -- dig and replace - or -- an epoxy liner -- and what is the city responsible for; I need to put electric heat in my basement - which is better, basefoards or Convect Air higher up on the wall?; What is the lifespan for a hot water tank -- the insurance companies have forced the manufacturers to make tanks that do not last as long as they could; How do I know that the inspectors sent in by the insurance company have doug deep enough in the wall to find the water problem; Switch your circuit breakers before you reset your clocks.


Sunday: When you change the clocks for daylight savings -- flic all the circuit breakers just to clean the contacts and keep them working safely -- you have to change the electric clocks anyway!  Which is better - fuses or circuit breakers?

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