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February 29, 2020

Topics: Mysteriously wet bricks; Odour coming and going in a basement -- plumbing vent possibly blocked causing ice capping; High pitched squeeking noise from hydronic heating system; Fragrance free health facilities; What is a "normal" ice cycle?; Walkway has begun to slope towards the house; New flat roof leaking -- no one can locate the problem -- at times it is useful to have a third party consultant who is not trying to sell you a solution



We all know that second-hand smoke can seriously bother a lot of people – but are you aware that fragrances or perfumes can make many people immediately sick – Asthma Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Rashes, Migraines…?  This can be especially problematic when in health care facilities where people are more vulnerable than usual.  The ASEQ-EHAQ has initiated a petition before the Quebec National Assembly to do what we have already done with tobacco smoke, make health care facilitates fragrance free – get more details on the issue here

Sign the National Assembly petition and pass the link on to your friends:

Petition: Measures to put in place a fragrance or perfume-free policy in all health-care facilities in Quebec

Pétition: Mise en place d'une politique sans fragrances ou parfums dans les établissements de santé au Québec

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