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March 7, 2020


- Tracing the source of annoying sounds by recording them on your cell phone -- what you see on a wave form in an audio editor is more defining that what we can hear/

- The insurance company requires changing the oil reservoir, should I go all electric or keep the relatively new oil furnace -- what are the financial consequences of keeping or losing the Dual Energy rate -- in this case I recommend only changing the dead hot water tank for an electric tank while putting in a new oil reservoir/

- Basement windows leak during rain -- creating a slopped and caulked outdoor sill/

- Dual energy controls often leave the furnace running non-stop while the heat pump technician and the furnace technician each say their systems are working -- did they check the thermostat? -- possibly override both controls with a Tri-Energy Controller which brings all elements into harmony and even improves energy efficiency/

- Should I change out steel hydronic heating pipes in a mixed steel/coper system? -- not necessarily, open a coupling and inspect the steel pipe inside/

- Should I replace my old hot water tank with a tankless system? -- check if you will need to upgrade your electrical system or not/

- How to adhere ceramic tiles to a linoleum floor.

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