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August 1, 2020

Topics: For a stone facade different contractors are recommending different types of mortar -- what is S - N - O - M?; Four drains in the kitchen plumbing, often slow -- check for no slope and accumulated grease; Installing a basement window; What to use for a back-up sump pump -- short run, a battery, long run, an electrical gas powered generator; New air conditioner didn't last as long as the old one - maybe oversized - Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners last longest if they do less start/stop -- look at Tri-Energy for total AC or Heat Pump control at lower costs and extended life of all the elements; Which is more efficient, the large oven or a counter top oven; The toilet won't stop flowing -- work on the valve; Aluminum siding is bulging -- check when it is cool at night, it may just be nailed too tightly.

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