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September 12, 2020

Topics : Raising sinking driveway paving stones – sealing water out with self-healing sand filler - EnviroSand; Cutting a no longer used chimney down below the roof; When repairing roof shingle damage, you should not reverse the first row of shingles but rather cut off the first set of tabs; Calculating how big an electrical generator you need; Should the water be turned off and the hot water tank shut down every time you leave the house – automatic shut-off valves to stop leaks - AquaTrip; How to stop the pinging noises from radiant heaters, – Radiant heat  is the only heating system with no noises; Buying a condo with a noted leakage problem that can be controlled with maintenance of caulking under the patio door; Repairing hairline cracks on a small patio concrete slab.

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