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November 14, 2020

Topics : How to check for mould in the floor under a slow sink leak; Cluster Fly and Lady Bug traps – PowderTrap – they really work; Comparing flat roof coverings – asphalt and gravel vs. elastomeric membrane; Window installer has purposefully left the gap between the top of the window and the brick ledge without caulking – is this right?; Feedback – my recommendation to cut holes in wood blocking that prevented attic ventilation did work and stopped the ice dams; Can spray foam be put over blown in insulation in the attic – only if you follow the 1/3rd / 2/3rds rule; Can spray foam be put on the heating duct that runs through the attic; Feedback – digging a window well drain down to the foundation drainage tiles worked to stop water ingress in the basement window; Sulphur odour coming from a shower – perhaps a problem with the vent stack being blocked by birds nest.

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