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February 27, 2021

Kitchen sink drip sound - maybe junk at the joint with the plumbing stack; Checking for outdated medication; Smart water problem detectors; Applying a liquid membrane for a shower - round off inside corners before applying a liquid membrane; Ice Dams and icicles; Combustion air supply for a gas heater – HOYME; Dual Energy and Tri Energy; My Open Letter on why we should not ban heating with oil in Montreal;  Bungalow not well insulated; Removing squirrels from the attic; Vinyl over tile in a kitchen floor and is the space between the flooring and walls really necessary?


Sunday Notebook – Kebony wood – softwood turned into hardwood as an ecologically responsible replacement for exotic hardwoods for decks and walkways.  What is the ecological and moral story behind Îpe hardwood from Brazil?

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