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July 3, 2021

Topics: Forced air circulation and balancing air flow in heating and air conditioning systems; Moss is growing on a shady area of a balcony, how to clean it and keep it off; There is a skunk smell in the ventilation system - MH-45 from SOS ODEURS, a Québec company, works well against outdoors or in ductwork; Finding stylish pocket door handle hardware; Roof leaking near the skylight and finding roofing contractors willing to look at a small job; Does a chimney need a cap; Should a perimeter drain be put inside or outside the foundation wall; Why are there pin holes leaks in the copper tubing of my air conditioner; Before buying a portable room air conditioner make sure you can connect the ducts through your style of windows; Drying out water between tiles in a shower floor where grout is missing.

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