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December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas – no radio broadcast today. 

Let me lead you to a few very interesting resources:

UltraSoft, the “Keeping laptops alive” store.  If you are having troubles with windows upgrades, from Win7 to Win10 or from Win10 to Win11 – give them a call – Richard specializes in fixing that kind of problem quickly.  If you need an inexpensive rebuilt but reliable laptop – give Richard a call.  If you got a new laptop for Christmas and need to get rid of the old one, rather than taking it to a recycling center where it will get scrapped, take it to UltraSoft in Montreal West where it becomes the basis of inexpensive refurbished laptops for people who cannot afford new ones.  I have been working with Richard for over 15 years – read the story and get his coordinates here.

EcoIceGrip – I can head into winter without giving you the good news that the company making the wood chip ice traction product that will eliminate most of your use of harmful and corrosive de-icers has expanded its sales to over 165 outlets and the web.  For the last three years I can dance down my walkway and driveway while the neighbours are ice skating.  Get more information here.

Boot Ice Grips are available everywhere – click here for understanding the different styles available.

Have a Merry and Safe Christmas

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