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If you are interested in advertising on this web site you need to understand Jon’s philosophy on advertising.

First you must convince Jon that the products or services that you wish to advertise are credible and that your business provides good customer service.

Second, Jon insists that all advertising is what he calls “Educational Advertising”. Basically that means that it is not just a sales pitch, but that your advertising helps to educate the site visitors. Although your educational messages obviously have the object of selling your product or service, your story must be presented in a manner that is interesting enough that visitors will want to click on the advertising icons because they can anticipate that it will be as interesting and educational as the rest of the site.

Some advertising is tied directly to site content – other advertising can be more general. There are no pop-ups or other tactics generally considered to be aggressive to internet visitors. There are no standard rate cards and there is no agency because advertisers are asked not only to help finance the site but to actively contribute to the content of the site.

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