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Weekly Maintenance for your Home

June – Week 22

Just like preventative maintenance on your car, if you take care of a few small items around the house every week, you can avoid many emergency breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Septic Tank

Some things in our houses are pollution storage systems and need to be clean out regularly. If you have a septic system, you most likely have a septic tank. This is a storage tank that collects the part of your water sanitary flow that you cannot deal with locally. The top of the tank develops a floating scum, and the bottom of the tank fills with a heavy sludge. These together represent a very small portion of what goes down the drains as the continuous flow of liquid and organic waste flows into the leaching field and is dealt with by nature someplace in your back yard. But every once in a while you do need to have that scum and sludge pumped out of your septic tank and trucked away. If you don't know how to measure the scum and sludge in your septic tank, have the septic expert show you how to do it. That way you can measure it yourself a couple of times a year and only call in the professional when you need him to take it away. This is a very important maintenance function because if you allow the septic tank to over-fill, you will get material flowing into the leaching field that will clog it up, requiring expensive repairs. There is more information on "Septic Systems" in the SEARCH tab above.


Whether we like it or not, carpets also collect and store dust, dirt and bacteriological stuff deep down at the base of those fibres. Many people are renovating their houses today with hard surfaces to avoid this accumulation, but for those who still love the warm feeling of a carpet under bare feet, we do need to perform a deep cleaning once a year that goes beyond what our domestic vacuum cleaner will do. Don't forget, this applies to area rugs and throw rugs too. They are just easier to clean. Check out the SEARCH tab above for more information on "Carpets".