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Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw

Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw

Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw is considered the definitive authority on using radial arm saws to 128th of an inch precision and dead square.  The entire book is on how to line up the saw and use it precisely.  Written by Jon Eakes and originally printed by Lee Valley Tools in 1987, it is now out of print.  This is a "heritage" book converted to electronic pdf format that will help you to keep your "heritage" saw working as good as the day your bought it.  It details DeWalt, Craftsman and Rockwell radial arm saws.  Click here to buy it and download it right now for only $14.95

What Products Does Jon Eakes Recommend and Why?

I often have trouble recommending one brand name over others where there are a lot of good choices on the shelves. In addition tools, products and services are changing constantly and what might have been the best a while ago may still be valid but not the "best" today. There are times however when something is quite unique or something simply stands out; then I like to tell you about it, even where to get it. Remember that the "best buy" and the "best product" are not always the same thing. Some may consider a Ferrari the "best" car around, while for others it is not in their budget, hence not the "best buy" for them. In addition everything is relative and sometimes a disposable paint brush is the right brush for the job, rather than one of those perfect but expensive professional brushes.

So this section of the web site will lead you to those things that I like enough to promote. Sometimes I get paid for endorsing products; sometimes I endorse products to help a small company get started; sometimes I promote products just because I think you need to know that it exists. I will try to be open and transparent in these pages and I invite you to let me know if you know about similar products that are as good as or better than the ones that I list here.


Tools I like -- here is a random listing of tools that I think are particularly nifty, or that you may not know exist.

3-Flex Controller for Tri-Energy heating -- the most efficient forced air heating system around because it uses three heating devices as a system to squeeze everything possible out of the very low Hydro Dual Energy electrical rate.

8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back -- The book that allowed me to go back to work at 60!

Smart Shopping Montreal -- In this book, Sandra Phillips locates shopping bargins and nich stores but most interesting for me is the Repairman section where she has located people who fix things that would otherwise get thrown away.

Flood Alarm -- The alarm for filling your bathtub without worry about flooding.

Pan Fan air filter for toilets -- the smell filter that really works.

WayFinder -- The back-lit House Number Sign, allowing people to find their way directly to your house.

Face Plate LED Night Light -- Childproof and permenant 0.2 watt night lights built into your switch or outlet faceplates.

A code effort to require labeling bearing walls.

An Underwater Glue that really works.

The best of the no-slip under-soles for walking on ice.

A Weatherstripped Mail Slot -- The most weather resistant and secure mail slot you can buy - it is called the Draft Dodger.

Oil Lift -- the ecological way to remove oil stains from concrete & asphalt

Mainline Backflow Valve -- to prevent sewer back-ups in basements

Bio-Barrier -- a geotextile that provides almost permanent tree root control without damaging the tree.

No-Spill Gasoline Cans -- Portable gas cans with an automatic fill shut off valve that prevents overfill just like at the gas station.