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Tools change so fast that is even hard for me to keep up with them. I think it is all a conspiracy to keep us buying new tools long before the old ones wear out. Of course I have to admit that my shop is rather over stocked as I am constantly receiving samples to try out, so I rarely manage to wear anything out. (Did I hear any moans of sympathy for my dilemma of too many tools and not enough space?)

There is such a push for each manufacturer to constantly have something new that we often loose some good old reliable tools, or some new things don't last in the market long enough for you to find it. Some of these new tools are more novel than useful and some are really great. Also we need to keep in mind that we don't always need the most durable tool made -- sometimes the cost of a professional version of something is not worth the money for a part time DIYer.

None of the manufacturers pay me to talk about their tools but they all keep me up to date on the latest because I write a regular Tool Talk column for professionals in the Canadian Homebuilder's Magazine. Click HERE to see read those articles.

What I want to list here for you are tools that I particularly like, or that I believe you may not be aware of that are especially useful. Each of these titles is a hot link to detailed information on each item and these things will be changing all the time.

-- FEIN MultiMaster -- a tool in a category by itself.

-- Crimpers for metal downspouts and ductwork.

-- Screw Drivers and wrenches

-- Hole Saws

-- SawSet -- A very efficient tool to transfer the setting of a sliding bevel to your miter saw.



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