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  • Pliers -- The new generation.

    You have all seen the new generation of pliers that seem to have automatically adjusting jaws. What do they do, and do they really work?If you look at how a pair of regular pliers grab a nut or bolt, you will see that the jaws are not parallel and hence do not grab both sides of the nut evenly. ...
  • Screw Drivers & wrenches -- a constantly changing assortment.

    One amazing note:  in 2012 all four of the tools shown here are still available.  The Makita will be a special order, but they still make it and I still love it.PICQUIC - the best multiple head storage & screw driver.Picquic has been around for a long time and besides a decent screwdriver and...
  • Tip -- wrench handle for paint cans.

    Chloe in Kincardine, Ontario uses a double open-ended wrench to carry heavy pails so that the handle wire doesn't cut into his hand.A slit garden hose can help as well.
  • Finger Wrench

    This little gadget goes on the end of your finger, then you put a nut between your finger and this "ring". This allows you to hold on to a nut right on the tip of your finger to reach in and get it started on the end of a machine screw in some hard to reach place.I got mine from Lee Valley Tools.

    Tools change so fast that is even hard for me to keep up with them. I think it is all a conspiracy to keep us buying new tools long before the old ones wear out. Of course I have to admit that my shop is rather over stocked as I am constantly receiving samples to try out, so I rarely manage to we...