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Trades Training With Jon Eakes

Most people know Jon Eakes as Canada’s home improvement expert for homeowners.  What is less known is that he has worked with construction associations and contractors for years in developing and delivering professional training in residential construction.  Too busy or not inclined to attend seminars?  As a professional in the construction field, you may find some help by clicking on one of these drawers


Tool Talk


This is the drawer leading to years of Jon’s evaluations of new tools in the Canadian Home Builder’s Magazine. If you are a professional who needs to keep up on new trends in construction, sign up for the Home Builder Newsletter.



Radon EnglishThis is the drawer leading to a series of videos produced to help the trades understand radon gas and how to control it specifically in new construction.  Minimum control work is required in most construction codes, but the how and why of working with radon is not as simple as it appears.  It cannot be treated like plumbing ventilation or mechanical ventilation.



Radon Français


Vous trouverez ici toutes les vidéos en français sur le contrôle du radon dans la construction de maisons neuves.  Il est vrai que Jon travaille surtout en anglais, mais comme il vit en français, c'est important pour lui de partager ces recherches avec les francophones.




Window InstallationJon has always been bothered by the standard renovation practice of looking for rotten wood when replacing a window.  Why, after all these years of modern construction, do windows still rot out on a regular basis.  Leaning on research from the National Research Council of Canada on the subject Jon has set about to challenge the construction industry to looking at applying Rain Screen principles to the difficult Window/Wall interface.  This is research in progress….



Problem SolvingJon uses his contacts, experience and especially his ability to explain or demonstrate complicated things to address problem solving.  This drawer leads to a series of videos and documents that are the results of research into specific construction problems.  For instance, here you can find his famous video on how to fold efficient window end dams in the field – an answer to a request when the code changed and no one knew how to make it work.