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My passion is resolving difficult or mysterious housing problems; my expertise is in cold climate housing.

I am constantly impressed that in working with homeowners through live video conferencing, we can accomplish a lot quickly. Click here to SEE what I am talking about; like the time that I saw a crack in the wall that the homeowner standing in the room didn’t even spot (at the 2 minute point in the video). Not only do you receive a video recording of everything that was shown and said, but this is without the cost or limitations of transportation.

This web site reaches across North America and now my in-house visits do too. See you soon.

Your Questions About Home Improvements

If a personal video conference inside your home does not seem to be the best response to your question for the moment, scroll down to other possibilities and even how to get free access to over 40 years of my experience that is stored in this site. Click here for the story of the over 25-year evolution of this site.

Have you looked for answers to your questions in Database? Have you looked for working techniques in Learning Curve section? It’s free and you might get an answer immediately as there are over 2,000 questions with answers and over 100 hours of instructional videos on this site. 


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