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Removing wax stains & lifting dents in carpets.

Rob from Hamilton passes on a tip for getting candle wax drips off of the table cloth. He starts by throwing the whole thing in the freezer. By getting the wax as cold as possible, most of it will just peel off of the fabric. Then use a clean cloth and an iron to melt the wax and draw it up into the clean cloth -- moving to a fresh spot of your clean cloth and repeating until nothing more comes out. Now you will have reduced the quantity of wax to an absolute minimum and it should wash out.

While I had a hot iron handy I took the opportunity to show how you can take out the table leg dent in a high pile rug. Simply put a damp cloth over the dent and then use the iron to force the steam down into the rug. The cloth will prevent any scorching of the rug, and the steam will soften up the fibers. They will either come up by themselves, or you will be able to brush them up straight.

A technique that seems like the exact opposite of the trick with the iron is to put an ice cube on the dent and simply let it slowly melt. That will feed water very slowly into the dent, slow enough so that it will soak in well. Then use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the water and stand the carpet fibers up at the same time.


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