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Jar Hanger - Project Calculator - Forsner bit for battery drills

Once a year I get to roam around the massive National Hardware Show in Toronto where the manufacturers show off all their new stuff to the store buyers. In this segment, I drop in on three of them to take a look at things that will be showing up on your store shelves in the months to come.

The ?jar hanger? is a plastic "I" beam track. You to screw little hangers to the lids of old mason jars and then slide the jar onto an overhead rack. You can slide the jar off, or just unscrew it to get at the hardware you keep inside.

The ?project calculator? is a great little pocket calculator that does the normal things with numbers, but then it will also allow you to do all that adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing in inches and fractions of an inch -- as well as convert at any point to feet, yards or even metric. Then once you have figured out how big your project space is, you can covert that to gallons of paint, rolls of wallpaper, bundles of roof shingles, quantity of bricks or tiles?. essentially calculating whatever you need for your next project.

As we use battery operated tools more and more, the manufactures have begun to deal with the problem that our old saw blades and drill bits require too much power to do their job. More holes out of one battery charge has become important. Mibro has created a beautiful serrated edge on the traditional Forsner bit (a bit used to make flat shallow holes for things like European cupboard hinges) that makes the hole with a fraction of the effort that has been required up to now.


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