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Last Updated: , Created: Sunday, January 14th, 2001

Is it possible to re-enamel the inside drum of a clothes dryer?

Cathy from Montreal has an old clothes dryer that works fine, except that there are bare metal spots that are leaving burn marks on her clothes. She wants to know if it is possible to re-enamel the inside of her machine.

Yes, as long as you use a high temperature metal paint.

First clean the surface carefully. If you actually have bare metal, use a metal primer first.

Then put on the coat of high temperature enamel -- you'll probably find it for sale in a spray can.

Do not turn on the clothes dryer to dry the paint, even with no heat! The solvents are flammable and even just the spark of the motor could start a fire with all the dust that collects around the motor of clothes dryers. Let it dry until you can no longer smell the paint -- then turn it on with no heat for an hour to make sure it is really dry. I would leave it for another day, then run it with heat for an hour. Then I would put in some clothes. I just don't want to take any chance of getting paint on the clothes.

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