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Last Updated: , Created: Sunday, January 14th, 2001

Paint Edger tools.

We have all seen painting pads, some even with wheels that allow us to paint easily right up to an edge.

EZ Paintr is a company that has developed the first real advance in pad painters, now distributed by Rubbermaid.

They have finally made a pad painter that is a true cross between a brush and a roller. With its thick soft sponge pad, it conforms to the surface very well. It has longer fibers that hold more paint and give a smooth brush-like finish. It is even shaped in a revolutionary fashion, tapered rather than square to keep from depositing thick lines on the edges as you pass.

The sponge is also slanted back to allow the brush part to get in tight into edges and the front edge is curved to slide well over the surface.

I have never used a pad painter that worked so well.

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