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Screwing down Squeeky Floors -- use a Pocket Jig?

Leo writes: Hey Jon, my year old house has squeaky ceramic floors in random areas, the sub floor was to be screwed down to prevent this but when I look from the basement I can see the screws poking through were they have missed the floor joist. After complaining, the builder stuck some shimmies between the sub-floor and the joist. This only moved the squeak. I'm thinking of drilling some pocket holes (like they use for some furniture assembly) through the joist and try to pull the sub floor tight to the joist. Do you think this will work and should I use some kind of adhesive. (I have enclosed a drawing of my plan)

Also where can I find a jig that will make pocket holes?

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Great graphic Leo.

The only caution is that you must not let your screw pull through up to the tiles. Most pocket holes are made in hardwood so the screw length is easily controlled. Here make sure you use screws that will not pull into the joists -- maybe pan head sheet metal screws or the like. Also squeeze some good construction adhesive like PL Premium in first. Then the screw only has to do its job while the glue dries.

You can get a simple but inexpensive pocket guide from Lee Valley Tools.


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