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Last Updated: , Created: Tuesday, September 14th, 1999

Spray Paint

Spray paint is no longer just spray paint.

Crystal Anderson from Sherman Williams Paints came on my TV show to demonstrate a wide variety of new spray paints.

There are marking paints, even ones that are temporary so that the mark will weather away.

There are sprays that look textured, speckled, streaked. Moral: imagine what you want to do, and there is probably a specialty paint to do just that.

And then there are all the techniques of spraying at the right distance, avoiding blotching and dripping.

Her greatest advice: spray a test sample, if it looks wrong, go back and read the instructions! She promises me that I will not run out of spray gas by turning it upside down to clear out the nozel, in fact she says that it is rare that the nozel clogges but it is usually the dip tube inside that gets in trouble if you do not spray clear at the end of a job.

Krylon spray paints (made by Sherman Williams) are available across the country.

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