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Last Updated: , Created: Monday, September 24th, 2001

Can you get a data module to centralise all the data in a house?

When most people think about having the computer, the TV, the audio and such being run out of a central hub, they usually only think about distribution. Those units do exist. But you can go a step further and get a central hub that filters and conditions the electricity and the signals to separate them from each other and optimise their quality.

The unit we looked at plugs into the wall and then provides power out to just about every high tech gadget you have in your house. This takes electrical spikes from your refrigerator out of the TV power supply and eliminates parasites that commonly come out of the computer power line and back into other electronics. It also brings in and out both the cable and the telephone connections, isolating each component from everything else in the house, but letting the information flow through. If you are impressed with your television or sound system already, you will be impressed all over again when you feed it "clean power" and "clean signals". And you get massive surge protection to boot. The brand name is Monster Cable.

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