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Last Updated: , Created: Monday, September 24th, 2001

Cleaning paint off of your hands.

Jim in Newfoundland has suggested using vegetable oil to remove paint from hands.

Poor Phil, one of the guys who builds the props for the show, became our test subject. With dried oil paint all over his arm, he set about trying different ways of getting it off.

The vegetable oil did pick up and remove some paint, but very slowly. For just a little spill, this might be great and kind to your skin.

We tried a commercial hand cleaner made for the job, it didn't do much more than the vegetable oil, although it smelled a nice orange fragrance.

Phil's preference was for regular paint thinner followed by Ivory soap, and it did work the best.

We contacted Health Canada to see what they thought about paint thinner on the skin, and they agreed with Phil. Don't leave it on long, clean off with soap immediately and perhaps follow-up with some skin lotion and there should be no health problems, unless you have very sensitive skin. In that case, use the vegetable oil and simply be more patient.

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