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Last Updated: , Created: Sunday, September 30th, 2001

Can you switch the gas / propane sources on a BBQ?

Gabe from Toronto wants to know if he can get a conversion kit to switch his propane BBQ to natural gas.

The answer is NO.

Unfortunately the propane hose and the natural gas hose has the same size threads so it is possible to simply screw one type onto a BBQ made for the other type. But that is quite dangerous, and doesn't make for a good flame either.

The first photo shows the two hoses side by side. It is easy to notice the difference in the size of the inside of the hose. Very different volumes of gas are required, under different pressures, with the two gases.

The second photo shows the connector under the BBQ. Notice it has a tapered nose, that has to fit into a perfect seal with the hose connector. These parts are not the same on the two systems, meaning that the fit will very likely leak. If you were to do a soap test on the fitting, it would probably produce bubbles.

Then the burners themselves are not made the same either.

Bottom line, it is too bad that the industry has put the same threads on the two systems, leading the consumer to believe that they are interchangeable. The only way you could safely convert would be to change the entire burner -- but for that you might as well buy a new BBQ.

Thanks for the information from Sobies BBQ.

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