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Last Updated: , Created: Tuesday, September 14th, 1999

The edge of vinyl flooring is curling up.

Kim from Brampton, Ontario has problems with vinyl flooring in the bathroom. She had wanted to just caulk around the edge to join it to her ceramic wall trim on the floor, but the workmen cut it so poorly that she can't do that at all. So now it is all curling up around the edges. She also felt that standard quarter round trim, even nailed to the floor would look too heavy in this bathroom.

I suggested that she look at the vinyl trim that is available in renovation stores. Perhaps a small cove trim could be glued into place with silicone caulking. Use a few nails to hold it in place, and wooden weights if necessary until the silicone sets. This will give a completely waterproof and paint free finish to the floor/wall joint and cover the bad vinyl cut at the same time.

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