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Pressure washing the siding has caused condensation inside the windows.

Valerie has a large living room with two storm windows, those kind that are two separate windows with a space in-between. Ever since she pressure washed the siding in preparation for painting, there is a lot of condensation between the windows.

Water could have gotten between the windows directly from the pressure spray, but it could have also gotten behind the siding and is coming down the wall and in-between the windows, keeping the condensation up. First note that it is important when pressure spraying the side of a house that you spray horizontally or down, but never up and under the siding. All siding has vent holes of some kind that will let water in if you push uphill with a pressure spray. This will dry out but could take a while, especially with a fresh coat of paint to lock it all in.

As for clearing out between two windows, you need to know that moisture will always move from a warm to a cold area -- hence move outward during the heating season, inward during the air-conditioning season and not much of anywhere during Spring and Fall. Once the heating season has begun you could crack open the storms while keeping the inner windows closed and a day or two like this should clear out the humidity. If it doesn't, wait for a week or two of cold weather to dry out the wall itself and then try again. Then shut it tight for the winter.

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