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Last Updated: , Created: Thursday, November 29th, 2001

How to fix mirrors safely over-head.

Our viewer wanted to know how to safely fix mirrors overhead. That may sound kinky for many of you, but it is a very important question if you are placing mirrors inside a skylight well to reflect the sun down all day long.

Attach the mirrors with that spongy double sticky tape pads. I don't like to use glue because you must absolutely break the mirrors when you try to take them down after gluing them. By using this thick glue you can cut through the tape with a serrated kitchen knife because it will fit between the mirror and the wall -- and it doesn't scratch the silver coating.

But that tape is not safe enough for overhead glass. So I add to it a complete wooden frame that I screw directly into the wall. The frame needs to have a rabbit joint around the outside, or a "T" in-between pieces of glass.

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