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About that 1st. Aid kit.

In this segment we walked through that first aid kit with paramedic Sheryl Jackson. Sheryl talked about the ABC's of first aid:

A - Airways: make sure that the person's airway is clear and they are able to breath on their own or with assistance.

B - Breathing: check that they have a pulse. If they are not breathing, help them breath.

C - Circulation: this relates to controlling bleeding.

Those are the critical things to control while waiting for professional help. So, first air kits generally have the necessities to protect the helper (gloves) and things to control bleeding and immobilise body parts (gauze, compresses, cling wrap, splints). First aid kits may need to be more elaborate if you live in a rural area and help will be slower in coming. S

heryl says to not hesitate to use 911 if anything seems to be out of your control at all. It is an excellent idea for at least one member of the family, if not all mature members of the family, to take a first aid course. Every community offers courses from one safety group or another. Call your local fire department to find out where to find first aid courses in your community.

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