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Last Updated: , Created: Tuesday, September 14th, 1999

Cutting Glass

A viewer asked me for some tips on cutting glass.

First work on a flat surface with clean glass, gloves and goggles. Oil the wheel in your glass cutter. Score the top of the glass but pass only one time all the way from end to end, never twice and never pass the cutter over an existing cutter scratch. If you stop, then pick up the line in a second attempt, it may break off in a strange direction at the point where the two scratches meet. The pros break class simply by bending it at the score mark, a trick remarkably easy to do when the scratch is done right.

The photo shows a special pair of plastic pliers, with two bumps on the top and one on the bottom that will cause the glass to bend appropriately at the beginning of the scratch. A good tool for people a bit afraid of this task.

Wet dry sandpaper can be used with water to knock off the sharp edge of freshly cut glass.


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