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Last Updated: , Created: Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Revisiting a two year old "Street Print" -- an imprinted asphalt driveway.

In a previous TV show we watched the transformation of an old asphalt driveway into what appeared to be a cobble stone driveway with a process called "Street Print". Two years later we went back to see how it was holding up.

The entire patterning system was holding up wonderfully. Those imprints forced into the asphalt itself that defined the "cobble stones", still looked as they had when they were "printed" into the asphalt. The topping had warn, as was expected and shortly before we decided to revisit the job, the owner had the company come out and refresh the top coat -- mostly because of a leaky oil pan in his wife's car.

The job looked great although it was interesting to note that the "stones" around the edge looked better than those in the middle. Why? The small line around the edge had been applied by brush, working the new topping well into any and all little surface holes. The main field had been rolled on and you could see where a few bubbles had popped leaving gaps. That tells me that this, like most toppings, really need to be worked into the surface, not just laid on top with a roller.

Is the whole process and maintenance worth while? The owner said he would do it again and a couple of neighbours are signing up Street Print as well.

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