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Last Updated: , Created: Friday, January 11th, 2002

Keeping water fresh in a humidifier.

Olive Taylor from Calgary, Alberta opened her home to our cameras and then amazed us with her self engineered improvements to her furnace humidifier.

She didn't like the idea of stale water just sitting in the bottom of that drum type humidifier so first she scrapped the cheap float valve for a better quality one from a plumbing store.

Then she scraped the plastic water tray for a stainless steel one that she could attach a drain hose to. The drain hose had a good valve on it and it led to the floor drain.

Every few days Olive passes by that valve while going to her laundry room, opens the valve which drains the tray. The float valve automatically fills it back up and the water is always fresh.

Her whole house is an amazing testimony to her ingenuity. I hope we have time to show you some more on another show.

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