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What is new in outdoor lighting?

One of the problems with outdoor spot lights is that you are often limited in where you can direct the light because either the mounting won't swivel to where you need it, or you have to avoid pointing upward because water will get into the 120volt socket.

Canlet has come out with the greatest little light holder for those beam lights called PARmate. It has a rubber gasket that snugs up to the light itself, making the electric socket completely waterproof, and the mount swivels in so many directions that you will be able to spot any target you want.

Other lights can be worked right into rocks, logs or concrete imitations, but the most interesting of the low voltage lights are little disks from In-Lite that you can drop into sockets cut in deck boards, asphalt or concrete driveways or anywhere you want. These things are actually designed to allow walking or even driving right on the light itself. This can light up steps so you can't miss them, or if someone in your family has trouble finding their way into the garage you could set them up like airport landing strip lights.

Low voltage lights are easily wired with special wire designed for being buried in the ground and simple clips that you can even attach while the power is on to be sure you have a good connection.

If you want no wires at all, check out the solar garden lights. They have a little battery and a solar cell that recharges the battery all day long so that they can shine all night long. No controls, no wiring, just punch them into the ground and you have guide lights for your garden path.

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