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What is the best weather-stripping for a wooden door?

Dan from Winnipeg, Manitoba writes: "What would be the best weather stripping to use for the wooden storm doors on my house? Front and Back."

Wooden storm doors tend to warp a bit with changes in the weather and with any direct sunlight on them, so you will probably find that the south facing door will warp more than the north facing door. Most weather-stripping is what we call "surface mounted" as you see in the first graphic. If these are spring loaded, they may follow the warp of the door, but not always enough to stay in contact. Much better for those storm doors would be one that wipes on the edge of the door like the Spring Metal strip in the graphic. This is similar to the common vinyl "V" strips that we use for windows, but much larger. It is even difficult to locate the metal ones anymore but you may be able to find high quality vinyl ones from the company Schlegel, as you see in the photo.

Remember that in the summer time, if the sun hits a storm or screen door that is placed over a main entrance door, especially if the main door is insulated, the temperature between the two doors can get high enough to melt the plastic, peel the paint and generally wrack havoc. Hence in the summer time we do not want effective weather-stripping on a storm or screen door, we want the air to circulate and cool it down.

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