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Last Updated: , Created: Monday, February 25th, 2002

Can you still buy cork flooring?

Larry asked: "I put cork flooring in my basement 15 years ago and we've been very happy with it. I'd like to put a similar floor upstairs. Is there a product available for upstairs?"

I believe that cork as a flooring did dissapear for a while, but it is back in style. The new floating cork floor has a good thick and durable cork layer laminated to a water resistant pressboard core and then a cork underlay laminated to the bottom side. So this floating floor doesn't need one of those underlay pads, it has one built in.

As you can see in the sketch above, the panels don't glue together, but they "click" together. Installation is as easy as making sure your floor is flat and without bumps, and fill in any serious depressions. Then drop each piece into place and it lock into the one next to it. There is a special block that comes with it allowing you to hammer them into place, including the last one up against the wall.

At about $7 a square foot this cork floor will not be for everyone but this is not a plastic laminate with a photo of cork, this is real cork, sold by Torlys.

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