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Last Updated: , Created: Tuesday, September 14th, 1999

Cleaning your computer's Mouse

The first time I took my computer's mouse back to the store because it didn't work right, I was very happy to be laughed at because I learned a very useful lesson. Mice almost never die, and if they do die it is usually the switch, not the tracking mechanism. So when your cursor jumps, or won't move until you kick the mouse -- you might try cleaning it!

There are two rollers in most mice and the ball rolls against them, always in the same spot. So dirt on the mouse pad gets on the ball gets onto these rollers and forms what looks like a ring. It is so neat that it looks like it is supposed to be there. A Q-tip, some alcohol or cleaning fluid and in a few seconds your mouse is off and running again. Yep -- once a week! There are enough frustrations with computers. Keeping the mouse clean gives you one less to worry about.

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