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A look at Steel Roofing

Joe is one of those nice guys from New England who doesn't like wasting things. Joe spent most of his life as a roofer and in the asphalt shingle business, using and disposing of roofing brackets is just part of the business. Roof brackets are the supports that are temporally nailed to the roof to hold 2x6s or 2x10s that in turn hold both the roofer and his/her shingles. Because of the banging it takes when it is time to move up the roof, a roof bracket generally lasts for one or two roofs before it is bent totally out of shape, no longer safe and in the garbage.

So Joe and his son set about building a stronger roof bracket, especially putting a solid heel and gussets right where you need to hit it to get the bracket to climb up off its securing nails. He discovered that it wasn't so expensive to make these into non-disposable safety equipment. Whether a fixed slope model, or an adjustable model like in the photo, these will last dozens of roofs, yet cost less than double the 'disposable' ones currently used.

Of course the trades are slow to change, suppliers don't like stocking things that are a little more expensive than what they already have and Joe doesn't have a big distribution system, so you will find all of Joe's roofing brackets available here in my On-Line Speciality store. This is a good example of one of the primary reasons I have an on-line store, to help get good ideas directly to those who could use them.


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