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Last Updated: , Created: Monday, February 16th, 2004

The best of breathing protection

The first photo shows a respirator. If you have ever used a respirator you will really love this new one. It has a quick latch release that allows you to drop it down off of your face without loosing any of the adjustments of the straps on your head, and quick latch it right back. When using respirators, be sure to get the filter canister that corresponds to the gasses you want to trap. Of course these big masks are overkill for a little dust or latex paint spray.

If you hate your dust mask, look at this Pleats Plus mask. In the photo I have not yet completely opened the pleats in the front. It gives you a close fit but a very large filter surface that makes it easy and comfortable to breath. This is the best of the dust masks.

While painting, how about a full head hood to keep your hair clean?

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