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Stop these spiders please

I've recently bought a house that has an alarming amount of spiders - I manage to kill about five or six a day! We have at least four different kinds. My sister insists it is caused by the number of cedar trees surrounding our home (we have about six cedar trees)...

Do you know how I can cut down or stop altogether the number of spiders we have?

thanks kindly
kim - Montreal

Spiders are usually found in sandy areas or homes near water. The cedar trees may be the culprit. The easiest way to treat them would be to go to the local hardware store and pick up a bottle of Diazinon which can either be applied directly or mixed with water. As long as it's not oil based it won't stain the house. Oil based insecticides are superior as the residual effect is much longer however it can leave a residue. The best way to apply it is to get a pressure sprayer and fan spray the exterior of the house (the bottom 4 feet), especially the side that has the greater infestation. If there is any access to the underside of the house, one should hit that especially or under a deck. The sprayers are for sale in stores and range around $30 or you might be able to rent one. More than one application will be needed to ensure the elimination of hatching eggs.

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