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OVERVIEW: Window Replacement

When it is time to replace your windows you will hear a lot of confusing and even contradictory things from contractors, salesmen and even friends. If you just look up Windows in this database you might be overwhelmed -- so here are the links to the most useful entries specifically related to planning, buying and installing replacement windows.


> Conceptual design tricks before starting your project

> Window installation choices

> How to measure windows for replacement or repair

> What are the best replacement windows?

> Different thermal pane window spacers

> Can I get coloured vinyl windows?

> Fiberglass window frames -- the future is now.

> How can I make a basement window larger?

> Installing full sized windows in a basement installation?


> The business of Renovation:  1- The Industry  2- The Contract  3- Seeking out the Contractor


> Just how do you install windows properly?

> Pro: Integrating Windows to Walls

> How do I shim windows properly?

> What is a "drainage layer" for a window?

> Should I always use a drip cap over windows?

> Header Flashing End Dams for Windows and Doors

> Caulking indoors -- part of Air Sealing your home

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