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Weather Restrictions: Acoustical Sealant

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Category: Adhesives     Product: Acoustical Sealant

Temperature Limitations: Product must be above +5 C (+40 F) -- but surface can be below freezing.

Rain Limitations: Apply to a dry surface.

Wind Limitations:  n/a

Humidity Limitations: n/a

Continuous Conditions: n/a


Comments: Acoustical Sealant is used both for sound proofing applications and sealing polyethylene vapour barriers.  It never cures so must be used inside walls where it will not be touched.  Keep the cartridges themselves above +5 C (+40 F)  but it can be applied to any surface that is clean and dry down to -15 C (-5 F).

Weather limitations on most renovation products can be located on the WEATHER tab above.



Although "acoustical sealant" is technically a sealant (or caulking) its primary use today is as a cross between a sealant and an adhesive in making polyethylene vapour barriers air tight.

It was originally designed as a permanently soft spacer between drywall and studs for the purpose of reducing sound transmissions -- but better techniques for sound proofing have arisen since then.

Its claim to fame is that it is super sticky -- sticking to everything forever, even your hair -- and it never dries. That makes it one of the few things that will actually stick to slippery plastic vapour barriers and keep them air tight for years -- assuming they are squeezed into place by two rigid surfaces, like the drywall and the stud.

It cannot be used where it will be exposed as it is always sticky, cannot be painted and will make a mess.

As acoustical sealants are primarily used in residential construction with work related to making vapour barriers air tight, you may want to check out more details on AIR BARRIERS.

You will want to pay attention to weather restrictions as this job is often done before a house is heated.

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