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Weather Restrictions: Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Adhesive

Connect to your favourite weather forecaster and look for the following conditions:


Category: Adhesives     Product: Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Adhesive

Temperature Limitations: Apply when both surface and product are above +18C (+65 F).  Store product above -12C (+10 F).

Rain Limitations: Keep dry for 5 days.

Wind Limitations:  n/a

Humidity Limitations: n/a

Continuous Conditions: Restrict foot traffic for 24 hours. Maintain temperature above +18 C (+65 F) for 3-5 days for complete curing. Avoid water until completely cured - 3-5 days.


Comments: It is best to have +18C (+65 F) temperature for 24 hours prior to working, and assured for 3 to 5 days after installation.  Work on a dry surface and protect from rain for at least 3 days.

Weather limitations on most renovation products can be located on the WEATHER tab above.



Gluing carpet down to wood outdoors is almost asking for trouble as the carpet will definitely hold a lot of moisture and can cause the wood to rot prematurely.

If you must put outdoor carpet on a wooden surface, make sure that it is pressure treated wood or pressure treated plywood (to prevent rot), that it has positive drainage and that it is thoroughly ventilated below.

Click here for information on gluing carpet to concrete.

With either wood or concrete you may want to consider self draining carpet or carpet tiles, usually used on large boats, which install with risers under the carpet to allow everything to dry quickly. They stay nicer longer.

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