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Weather Restrictions: Thermal Plastic Construction Adhesive

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Category: Adhesives     Product: Thermal Plastic Construction Adhesive

Temperature Limitations: -25 C (-13 F)  to +60 C (+140 F) -- varies widely by product

Rain Limitations: n/a

Wind Limitations:  n/a

Humidity Limitations: n/a

Continuous Conditions: n/a


Comments: Most common construction adhesives are  one form or another of Thermal Plastic.  Generally they must be applied to a clean, dry surface and mated prior to forming a skin.  Some special formulations will work under wet conditions -- some will even cut through thin ice on flooring joists during winter construction.  Read the labels to find the type specific to your application and weather conditions. Keep the product warm so it will flow easily even if the work site is cold.  It is best to always keep the product indoors and warm as compound above +5 C (+40 F) will  flow better from the caulking gun.

Weather limitations on most renovation products can be located on the WEATHER tab above.



Construction adhesives generally are applied with a caulking gun and one of the tricks to working well in any cool to very cold weather is to keep the cartridges indoors and warm until they will be used. Cold adhesive is very difficult to "gun" -- to get to flow properly out of the gun and spread properly on the job.

There are a tremendous variety of construction adhesives, and most of those are in the category of Thermal Plastics.

Their temperature and humidity limits vary greatly so you always have to find a product that is right for your job and the specific condition under which you will apply it. Sometimes we can use an inexpensive adhesive when conditions are good, and need a more expensive adhesive for the same job when the weather is against us.

For more details check out: What is an outdoor adhesive?

And if you are trying to apply a straight bead of adhesive along the narrow edge of a floor joist, check out this adhesive guiding tip.

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