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Weather Restrictions: Water based caulking / Acrylic Latex

Connect to your favourite weather forecaster and look for the following conditions:


Category: Sealants (Caulking)     Product: Water based caulking / Acrylic Latex

Temperature Limitations: Above +5 C (+40 F) to +15 C (+60 F) depending on brand

Rain Limitations: No rain for 30 min.

Wind Limitations:  n/a

Humidity Limitations: High humidity will slow curing

Continuous Conditions: 24 hours above +5 C (+40 F)


Comments: Water based caulking (properly called Sealant) must be applied to a warm, clean and dry surface.  They must be kept dry until a thick skin is formed and kept freeze free until cured, 24 hours.

Weather limitations on most renovation products can be located on the WEATHER tab above.



Acrylic Latex caulking is not usually used for outdoor applications, simply because it is not as robust as others and tends to harden more than many.Flexibility is important with the expansion and contraction that goes on between the sunshine of high noon and the cool overnight lows.

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