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Crystalline Growth Waterproofing Products

Here is one water proofing material that approaches the field of Science Fiction -- but it is for real and it does work.

Xypex High'n Dry is a not so commonly available brand name of what is generically referred to as Crystalline Growth waterproofing products. These are applied to a sound bare concrete surface old or new, much like a thick creamy paint, or a bit like a thin stucco. It should be worked well onto the surface with a bristle brush. You keep it moist through the first 2 to 3 days. It can be applied to a damp concrete or block wall, but not to one that is leaking or totally dry.  Hence you should plug your holes and cracks with masonary patching materials -- not caulking or injection compounds.  It will work on a masonry patch just like it works on the concrete wall itself, but will not waterproof sealing compounds.  It has to be kept moist for at least three days.



Now here is the Science over science fiction part.

It is not the coating that makes the wall waterproof but rather a chemical reaction that starts on the Xypex/wall interface and works its way into the wall. It causes the growth of crystals inside the concrete itself -- in fact the Xypex is just a catalyst to this growth using the concrete itself as the crystal growing substance. These crystals fill the concrete pores and block all passage of water. The interesting thing is that as long as and whenever the concrete gets moist, the crystals continue to grow until they have grown all the way through the wall -- making 6 to 8 inches of waterproof material to protect your foundation. That is why this is a common treatment for under river tunnel walls or concrete water storage tanks.

The catch is that it does nothing to stop water from moving through a crack. The surface has to be patched well so as to be crack free before starting.

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It used to be hidden on a back shelf in most renovation centres, but since not many people understand that it is really different from any other waterproofing coating, it finally lost its place on the shelves.  I have been able to special order it from Home Hardware stores, although they have no idea what you are talking about -- push them to look in their computer.  Michel in Montreal just connected me to BMR in Ville Emard that actually keeps it in stock because the professionals keep coming back to buy it for new jobs.  It really works, waterproofing inside and all the way through the wall rather than just a coating over the wall.  No more "damp rising" or capilary action from the soil up.


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