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Last Updated: , Created: Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Cheating doorways wider for wheel chair access

Getting through doors with a wheelchair or even a stroller can be a real problem and often all you need is an inch more. 

"HealthSmart Expandable Door Hinges" can solve the problem, but availability is hard to keep up with, you may have to do a current Google search to find them.  Some health or handycap stores carry them but i most recently found them on

This standard interior expandable offset door hinge moves the door further into the room when opened, but takes the door totally out of the opening – so if you have a narrow 24” door, it is now really 24” open with these hinges.

A very interesting note on their website points out that if you are still rubbing wheels on the door frame, removing the lower portion of the door stop will give the wheels almost one more inch of clearance.

They come in brass, black and silver and directly replace any standard door hinges.  

All of this is much less trouble than removing the door and building a wider frame.


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