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Controlling Pigeons


My friend Keren has been keeping mice at bay with essential oils of peppermint on cotton wads -- she now swears by this clean remedy in a multi-lodgement building.  Her new pest problem is that her son has pigeons on his 6th floor balcony in Ottawa and has discovered that the fake owl didn't do much good. 

He lives on the 6th floor of an apartment building along the Rideau in Ottawa.  And he is plagued by pigeons.  They even lay their eggs there, he has a fake owl, but that doesn't there something else he can do to get rid of these pests?  I can try meditating and praying them away.....but in the meantime, do you have any suggestions?  I'm sure you do.  But BOY ARE THEY DIRTY......oh man.  And their droppings are poisonous as well......can't they cause some sort of illness?  Blasto-something something.  I'd like to blast them off the balcony.........he has two chairs and a small table out there and two pine trees in pots.  They are incredibly dirty and make cleaning a very dangerous chore.  So any suggestions you might have regarding their disappearance would be more than welcome. 

Although pigeons are actually more annoying and perhaps more of a health hazard than mice, they are difficult but can be dealt with. 

Read this article:  – all the way to the end.

Keep in mind, you want to remove convenient landing places, all food and standing water.  Then think about bird spikes or and electric ledge covers:

Those two potted trees may need bird netting to make it impossible to land in the trees or nest in the pots.

As you start to study the problem, if you see them anywhere on your property – analyze that spot thinking about why they like it there:  flat niche; protected hide-a-away….  Deal with the balcony ledge with either bird spikes or the electrical cable – which you could unplug for a party to not shock your guests!  In fact I have heard of having a remote controlled electrical outlet that works well: let them land and from inside the house, after they are good and comfortable – zap them.  You could leave it on when away from the apartment.   After a while they will not come back and you don’t have to remember to not zap yourself.

Pigeons are persistent so you need to be persistent as well.




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