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Concrete and Rock demolation without explosives


EcoBust LogoDynamite can disturb structures a long distance away and can even open cracks to let soil gasses rise up where they did not pass before.  Dynamite cannot be used on or under a house.  Jackhammering is not only annoying but vibrations can cause secondary damage to an adjoining house. 

EcoBust is an “expansive demolition agent” – you drill deep holes, clear out the holes, mix the EcoBust with water, pour it into the holes and go have supper.  Depending upon the situation, in minutes or hours the rock or concrete will simply be broken to pieces according to your own grid pattern -- without any sound, gas or chemical pollution.  This product has been reformulated for harder Canadian stones so there is a formula available for every need. 

Drilling holes is far easier, quieter with less vibration than all other demolition techniques.  You could even do that yourself with rented equipment. 

It is nothing short of amazing that you can remove that concrete porch, or splinter that boulder blocking your ditch or fence/deck post, with little effort, no danger and no ecological consequences.  With this great innovation you can now accomplish what you want in landscaping without massive equipment or dangerous explosives.

Yes, I am clearly endorsing this product as one innovation that homeowners need to know about.  There is a lot of good information available on the parent US website: but if you live in Canada you will want to contact them through their bi-lingual Canadian site:   Tell them Jon Eakes sent you.

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