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Dog/Cat doors for a snowy climate

Freedom Pet Pass LogoFor a long time it has been a dream to have dog and even cat doors that would allow the pets in and out on their own without compromising the house itself in a cold snow filled climate.

When a pet door doesn't work in our climate, the snow can fill the living room. All efforts seemed to fail to provide easy entrance and keep the elements out – until one inventor in Michigan decided to do better.  The Freedom Pet Pass doors are so good that they have even qualified as an entrance system for super energy efficient LEED houses.  That caught my attention.  The pets never noticed the well-built technology -- dogs and cats alike just walk through.  Of course there is a lock-out panel if you don't want anything coming in or going out.

Invented in Michigan they are proving popular across Canada, so much so that the company had to build a dedicated Canadian web site. 

Some of my radio listeners have tested these doors, installing them themselves, and many inspiring animal loving stories adorn the Freedom Pet Pass website.  As I studied their installation videos, they are showing quality door instillation techniques that satisfy all my own criteria for cold climate wall penetrations – they have done a super good job. 

The only people scared off by the price tag are those who have not already installed doors that simply do not work – filling the living rooms with blizzard winds and piles of snow.  This is one product that I recommend both as a pet lover and a cold climate building specialist.

Yes I do endorse this product as well made, durable and especially appropriate for our cold snowy climate. Visit the website to see how the doors operate, and how to size and install them.  Order directly from the website:  The US site is:  Tell them Jon Eakes sent you.

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