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Ventilation hoods -- how to identify quality


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Ventilation Maximum makes some of the best outdoor vent hoods on the market – and makes them to work in cold and snow covered climates.  They often innovate and others copy. 

For instance they invented the square cupola that replaced both the troublesome spinning turbines and the rooftop button vents that always got buried in snow.  These cupolas now dominate the Quebec landscape and are spreading across Canada. Although often copied, they have thicker steel and patented wind baffles to prevent blowing snow from entering the attic from the vent. 


They make the best ridge vent assembly, a closed metal channel with one or more cupolas on the top, keeping the ridge vent functioning even in deep snow.  These are custom made to match your roofline.




Then they make one of the best of the roof top exhaust fan vents, getting fan exhaust air through the attic and out without condensation drip coming back into the attic.




Their sidewall exhaust hood is perfected with double seals to let the hot air out and prevent any wind blowing return. 


Visit their website at to see their full offering.  Some of their products are available in some renovation stores especially in Quebec but are spreading across Canada.  If you can’t find them locally, contact the company.  You don’t have to settle for cheap tin or plastic exhaust hoods that break or freeze open. 

You will find their products scattered throughout this database as examples of good solutions.

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